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ESO Live Today Runs Through New Greymoor Trial, Kyne's Aegis

Featuring the stream team

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online team will run through the new Trial, called Kyne’s Aegis, on their Greymoor-focused ESO Live show later today.

The stream starts at 4p ET over on the official Twitch channel and will feature the community team and other stream members as they tackle Greymoor’s newest Trial, Kyne’s Aegis. Here’s the composition of the team, including their roles:

  • Ninja614 (Tank)
  • Bertferkins (Tank)
  • JebroUnity (Heals)
  • KyleDempsterStudios (Heals)
  • Gina (DPS)
  • Jess (DPS)
  • Matygon (DPS)
  • 0periodproductions (DPS)
  • LuckyGhostTV (DPS)
  • AlcastHQ (DPS)
  • StarDancer (DPS)
  • DacuTV (DPS)

The stream will also support UNICEF which is part of the ongoing #BethesdaAtHome charity initiative. If you wish to donate during the stream, simply type “!donate”. Additionally, Twitch drops will be enabled, so link your accounts.

In case you missed it, Greymoor’s launch has not been without issue. The team has had to perform maintenance on the NA and EU servers early Thursday morning in order to help address issues brought about with the launch on Tuesday.

Additionally, Greymoor is set to launch on Google Stadia on June 16, and consoles on June 9. Stay tuned for our review.


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