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ESO Live Today Presents a Deep Dive on Blackwood Zone

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The weekly live stream from Zenimax Online Studios, ESO Live, is scheduled for later today with the team set to show off an in-depth look at the next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online – Blackwood. This is what you can expect.

Blackwood was originally announced earlier this year during the Gates of Oblivion reveal event in January. The year-long adventure is set to include the big chapter, Blackwood, set to release on PC on June 1 with consoles to follow on June 8. The first part of the adventure has already released. Called Flames of Ambition, this DLC includes two dungeons: Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron. Blackwood is set to take us to Cyrodiil, specifically Leyawiin, and also to the Black March city of Gideon.

Yesterday, the team held a huge preview event in which they showed off several new details. Following this preview event is the latest ESO Live scheduled for today at 3p ET. The stream will feature Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek and Zone Lead Jason Barnes as they discuss the new Blackwood zone, in addition to providing addition lore context. You’ll be able to see some the new locations you’ll visit during this chapter. And of course, Twitch Drops will be enabled.

Zenimax is hosting a free play event on all platforms for the next two weeks. If you’ve been waiting to try the game, you might want to hop in and check it out. One of the biggest news reveals from yesterday’s preview event was the announcement of ESO: Console Enhanced.

As the name suggests, this version is essentially a free upgrade for Xbox Series X|S and PS5. The Xbox Series X and PS5 will feature a Performance and Fidelity modes. All versions include increased draw distance, faster loading, improved textures and lighting, and much more. ESO: Console Enhanced will release alongside the console launch of Blackwood on June 8.


Poorna Shankar