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ESO Live Friday Discussing Blackwood's Companion System

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next ESO Live stream is set to take place this Friday where the community team is set to look at the new Companions system arriving in Elder Scrolls Online as part of its Blackwood chapter update later this June.

The live stream will take place this Friday, April 16 at 4p ET over on the official Twitch channel. The team will be taking a deep dive into the newly announced Companion system with some folks from the development team making an appearance.

Expect to learn more about the Companion system with Lead Systems Designer Phil Draven and Senior Content Designer Janet Priblo. They’ll take a look at two companions set to make their Elder Scrolls Online debut. If you’re not familiar with the Companion system, we’ve got you covered in our Blackwood event recap.

Essentially, you can take your companions virtually anywhere except PvP and Solo Arenas. They’ll start out at level 1 and will gain new skills as they level up. Each companion will have their own likes and dislikes. Additionally, they’ll react to your actions, like stealing from NPCs.

You’ll be able to slot their skills into their own action bar which acts sort of like a priority system. Companions will also include their own equipment and gear in addition to specific combat behaviors. You can actually set these combat behaviors. But this is the extent of what we know at the moment. We’ll have to tune into the live stream to find out. Twitch drops will be enabled in the live stream, if you’re into that.

While you’re waiting for the stream, read up on the Ruinach, the latest monster to present a challenge during your adventures across Blackwood.


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