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ESO Firesong is Live for PC and Mac, As ZeniMax Continues Fixing Reported Issues

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Firesong is live and now available in The Elder Scrolls Online. ZeniMax continues working on reported crashes and some minor issues, but after hotfixes and maintenance yesterday, the new DLC and update 36 are here to enjoy for PC and Mac players.

Yesterday, when the update was set to go live, some crashes were reported, as well as some players having trouble even logging in. The team addressed the issues with the megaserver before releasing some hotfixes between yesterday and today to address the glitches and make things more stable.

The DLC is the conclusion of this year’s Legacy of the Bretons storyline, and if you’ve been invested in the ongoing ESO story so far this year, now you can experience how the team ties as many loose ends together as they can and get ready for whatever is coming in 2023. 

But first, there’s the new zone of Galen to explore, letting you learn some more about the mysterious Druids of the Systres. The Druids are facing war between clans, and the greater island is dealing with pirate attacks. Eventually, once you’ve met the new and returning characters, witnessed the political intrigue and plays, and explored some more, you will be ready for the final battle with the Ascendant Lord. 

If you already owned the High Isle DLC from earlier this year by a certain date, then you will have unlocked Firesong for free after the community met its goals in a recent event.  But however you’ve acquired both of these DLC releases, you’ll have access to some bonus quests by completing the main questlines within each of them. 

Update 36 is also available to PC and Mac players, with changes like the addition of target markers, armory stations in PVP zones, new Emperor scaling balance changes in Cyrodiil, and simplified Chinese support.

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