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ESO Elsweyr Soundtrack Now Available

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Elsweyr soundtrack is now finally available online, according to a news post from Zenimax Online Studios.

You’ll be able to grab the soundtrack here:

Composed by ESO’s Audio Director, Brad Derrick, he wanted to capture the Khajiit culture while still fitting into the wider Elder Scrolls lore,

“I wanted something uniquely Khajiit sounding, while still fitting in with the rest of the ESO soundtrack. So I started with the established ESO orchestral style, but composed all the music using a non-traditional scale that works as the basis for the musical language of the Khajiit.”

Some new instrumental textures were introduced as well to give this music a distinct identity. Qanun and Esraj players performed alongside the orchestra and choir, and they were also used as accompaniment for the bard songs and player emotes. Finally, solo vocal elements were brought to the fore to give the soundtrack a sense of intimacy and to emotionally connect the player to the game world of Elsweyr.”

Check out the full track listing here.


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