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ESO Community Spotlight Looks at Raidplanner Tool by Woeler

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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 A new Elder Scrolls Online community spotlight takes a look at the Raidplanner tool by creator Woeler.

Woeler has actually created other tools like Dwemer Automation Discord bot and websites including ESO-Sets, ESO-Housing, and more. When asked Raidplanner can help accomplish, Woeler said,

“I designed Raidplanner to make planning guild and in-game events easier. It binds directly to your Discord server, so it is super easy for your guild members to use. No extra accounts are required. The guildmaster can set it up in five minutes and the guild is ready to go.’

He said he started Raidplanner because his guild didn’t tools to plan for a raid properly,

“The entire reason I started ESO Raidplanner three years ago was because our guild lacked the tools to plan raids properly. It was always done via text messages or group chats. It was never really optimal and required a lot of sorting work. The idea to start this project came from that problem.”

He considers Raidplanner as feature complete for now, but does have some QoL changes he wants to roll out over the next few weeks. He also teased a new project,

“I can’t say too much because it is still in the very early stages of development. What I can say, however, is that it will encompass many aspects of the game and that we aim to launch it with full support of the major three ESO client languages (English, German, and French).”


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