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ESO Blackwood Hotfix Should Prevent Future Companion Gear Loss

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Elder Scrolls Online received its recent chapter Blackwood just last week. While launch-day server issues were at a minimum, it seems like bugs still slipped through the cracks, including one affecting companions.

The companion system is new to ESO and is a major feature of Blackwood. You’ll be able to recruit one of two available companions, level them up, gear them out, and specify their skill rotations. However, that gear part seems to have experienced a bug.

The bug was first reported on June 1 on the forums and revolves around gear simply being lost once equipped to a companion,

“Not sure if this triggered it but what happened:I was leveling Bastian. He was in his standard, white gear except blue lightning staff I found. I got invited to do random normal that I accepted. We did the dungeon (it was Fang Lair), then one person left. My Bastian automatically appeared, but he was naked, I checked companion menu and all the gear is gone, I dont have it anywhere in my inventory.The group join was in Craglorn if that matters”

Zenimax CM, Jessica Folsom, replied noting the team was investigating. Moreover, it seemed to be affecting both companions, Bastian and Mirri. On June 3, Jess posted the issue would be addressed in a hotfix over the weekend. That hotfix has now been deployed,

“The hotfix we ran this morning should have stopped new cases of equipped Companion gear loss (and a related specific exploit.) Unfortunately, the fix was not to replace previously lost gear. If you encounter a new situation where your Companion loses their equipped gear, after this morning's hotfix, please let us know with as many details as can.Thank you, everyone. We know this one has been frustrating and we appreciate the information everyone has provided.”

Additionally, it looks like this fix will be included in the console release on June 8 – which is tomorrow. If you’re still experiencing this issue for whatever reason, be sure to let the team know. You can read more about Update 30 here. And check out our interview with Creative Director Rich Lambert.

Stay tuned for our full review, and read our review in progress here.


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