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ESO Blackwood Community Stream on June 11 Gives You a Chance to Win Alienware Headset

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks over at the Elder Scrolls Online community stream team will be hosting their next live stream this Friday, June 11. And you’ll have the chance to win Alienware gear.

This stream is part of the Alienware Community Meetup and includes the Alienware Community Manager, Amy Schlueter. From the Zenimax side of the house, the stream will be hosted by Jess Folsom and Gina Bruno. You’ll be able to tune in on Friday, June 11 at 4p EDT on the Alienware Twitch channel.

Throughout the stream, the hosts will deal out codes for the recently released Blackwood chapter and the Pink Torchbug pet. Moreoever, the stream will host a giveaway for the Alieneware AW510H headset.

Twitch Drops will also be enabled throughout the show. You can link your accounts here. If you can’t attend this stream, Alienware will host two more streams on June 15 and June 18 at 4p EDT on their Twitch channel. You can learn more details here.

Elswhere in Elder Scrolls Online news, you can check out our initial thoughts on Blackwood thus far in our review in progress. The chapter launched on PC last week. If you’re not playing on PC and instead play ESO on console, your version launched just this past Tuesday. In fact, the console launch received a special traileras well.

Unfortunately, there was a bug with companions which saw gear disappear. It appears that bug was addressed in a hotfix. You can read more about that issue and the subsequent hotfix here.


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