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Eslword Opens its Final Rigomor Dungeon Named "Titan's Grotto"

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Anime-MMORPG Elsword has been going through some pretty drastic changes as of late. Rebooting the entire roster of characters of the last few months is hard work, but the development team hasn't stopped there. The fifth and final dungeon in the realm of Rigomor, Titan's Grotto, is now available to players. 

Per a press release from developer KOG Games:

The Final Dungeon in the Rigomor Region has been released! The El Search Party is thrust into the colossal, albeit regal threshold of the archaic and resplendent chamber... known as the Titan's Grotto. Take the El Search Party headlong into a battle that will not be forgotten.

Level-99 players with a required combat power above 450,000 can enter the dungeon during specified times beginning today and can use the 'Titan's Grotto Key' for additional entry.

Players can check out the official website for open times to tackle Titan's Grotto. Throughout the month Elsword will be giving players item support to help them tackle the new dungeon. Logging in for an accumulative 20 minutes as well as taking part in daily quests, players will earn these items. Additionally, this weekend - September 14-15 - players can receive three items to help against Rigomor's big boss.

You can learn more on the official website. You can view the trailer below.


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