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Escape from Tarkov Devs Address Matching Issues, Share Future Plans

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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In a brace of updates, Battlestate Games addressed the ongoing matching issues in Escape from Tarkov, along with providing a glimpse into future developments.

Reddit post points to the ongoing matching issues in the game. As expected, the issues stem from the game’s rising popularity, with the team having to work 24/7 and on weekends to address load,

“We add new game servers like constantly every day as well as player load rises everyday. And yes - it's not related to content production at all. It just require some time. We added 5 new servers today, 4 yesterday, dozens are planned to be added in the nearest time. Also we are working hot on live environment, upgrading servers on the go and it's a pretty risky process.”

It concludes that servers are a priority for the backend and admin teams. Future developments for the game were also shared in a forum post, with the team reiterating servers as their number one priority. 

While US and Russian servers were upgraded, new servers are being added to a number of regions:

·      Brazil

·      Chili

·      Argentina

·      Mexico

·      Colombia

·      Indonesia

·      South Africa

The Twitch drop event was also wildly successful, perhaps attritibuting to the game’s rapid rise in popularity. Additionally, 2020 will see more customization coming to gear for plate carriers and rigs, essentially splitting rigs/plate carrier customization into different parts.


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