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Escape from Lion’s Arch Goes Live Later Today

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 heroes can log into the game later today to find out what Escape from Lion’s Arch is all about and the possible implications of an attack on the venerable city of Lion's Arch. In the latest update, Scarlet Briar has set her sights on one of Tyria's iconic locations. All will be revealed in this latest GW2 update that is heavily focused on story.

For the past year, players have battled Scarlet’s minions, foiled her schemes, and discovered more about her sinister goals. Now, after months of planning, Scarlet’s attack on Lion’s Arch sets the stage for a final ruthless push in her still mysterious grand plan. In “Escape from Lion’s Arch,” players battle alongside the Lionguard to take on Scarlet’s dark allies and evacuate as many citizens from the city as possible. They will face ferocious challenges as her minions roam freely through the besieged city and in the waters of the harbor. To protect the innocent, players will have to battle everything from the brutal charr of the Flame Legion and the towering clockwork watchknights to vicious creatures such as the krait and the feared Aetherblade sky pirates. 

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Suzie Ford

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