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Erollisi Day Makes a Return to Norrath

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Everquest II players might have noticed that romance is in the air yet again as Erollisi Day has made its return to Norrath. From today through February 20th, players can take part in a number of "whimsical" events to earn a new achievement, new recipe scrolls and other new items.

There's a call for lovers (and the often infatuated) to visit Darklight Wood, the Stonebrunt Highlands, Butcherblock Mountains, Lavastorm, Great Divide, and the Thundering Steppes. Choose to answer and strengthen the ties of love throughout Norrath!

There is also much to do for love in Antonica, the Commonlands and New Halas during this celebration of all things romantic. Meanwhile, love notes and message candies hold new worth with tradeskillers, and you can find holiday merchants in Qeynos and Freeport.

New items include a recipe scrolls to create Romantic Gifts to Craft X as well as five other special items. The Player Studio includes the Candy Store Set and the Carousel Love Pack. Even TLE servers are in on the fun with a special merchant in Freeport and Qeynos Capitol District on Fallen Gate and on Stormhold, all of the above-mentioned events are taking place.

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