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Episode 6 Now Live

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The Vindictus team has announced that Episode 6 is now live across all servers. The new update brings new content in the town of Rocheste, PVP Duel Mode,  the Expertise crafting system, character transformations, an increased Level Cap (level 70), new dungeons and bosses and more.

Expertise System

Players will now be able to learn new Expertise skills to craft a wide variety of useful items to trade, sell or equip. All players level 22 or above can learn cooking, and additionally they can choose between the following five expertise areas: Weaponsmithing (physical weapons), Sewing (cloth armor), Goldsmithing (magical accessories and weapons), Platesmithing (medium and heavy armor) and Armorsmithing (plate armor).


Powerful Transformations

Something is wrong with the oracle, Tieve, and an ancient power held by the mysterious Silent Brotherhood may be her only hope. To harness this power, the player will be tested and must choose the path of light or darkness. This decision opens up the ability for the player to transform during battle into either the righteous Paladin or the shadowy Dark Knight.

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