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Epic Boss Believes that Games Store Exclusives Work Despite Dedicated Steam Gamers' Complaints

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Epic's Tim Sweeney has come out in defense of exclusive titles found on the Epic Games Store. In a long series of Twitter posts, Sweeney stated that he believes that "exclusives are the only strategy that will change the 70/30 status quo at a large enough scale to permanently affect the whole game industry". Further, despite the unpopularity of exclusive titles by "dedicated Steam users," the program is working.

Other takeaways from Sweeney's posts:

  • 30% "tax" is more than the entire profit of studio building a game.
  • "The strategy of exclusives is proportionate to the problem".
  • Even if what the company is doing isn't ultimately successful, the industry will change and other stores "will significantly improve their terms".
  • The extra 18% developers bring back leads to reinvestment, profit and price reduction.
  • All of the above ultimately benefits gamers.
  • Epic is facing its challenges and solving problems that arise.

You can read the entire Twitter string here.


Suzie Ford

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