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Epic Admits that Fortnite's Success is Hurting Paragon

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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In an official post on the Paragon Reddit, Epic admits that Paragon is struggling to find its audience in the shadow of Fortnite's success. Several of the team members have moved off Paragon and over to Fortnite, so the development has slowed somewhat. "We're talking about the future of Paragon in pretty much the same terms you're talking about." the letter states.

The core challenge is that, of new players who try Paragon, only a small number continue to play regularly after a month. Though Paragon has evolved, no iteration has yet achieved that magical combination of ingredients that make for a sustainable game. (As an aside, the problem isn’t marketing or how to make money with Paragon. We have good ideas that would solve those problems if we can find a way to make Paragon grow.)

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be figuring out if and how we can evolve Paragon to achieve growth and success, and trying some things internally. In the meantime, Paragon’s release cadence will be slower.

Read the full letter on the Paragon Reddit.


Suzie Ford

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