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EO News: NCsoft Announces Exarch Online.

Matthew Goodard Posted:
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NCsoft Announces Exarch Online Game Famed comic book artist adds creative direction to action-packed RPG

AUSTIN, Texas, March 6, 2003-NCsoft Corporation, the world's largest online game company, today announced details of its upcoming online game, Exarch™. The project is under development by Realm Interactive, LLC™, located in Phoenix, Arizona and was previously identified under the working title of Trade Wars: Dark Millennium™.

Exarch (pronounced ex'-ark) features a fast-paced action RPG combat experience set in an enormous virtual world. Players can explore, battle and quest in multiple environments including mystical forests and foreboding alien catacombs. The sci-fi fantasy style allows players to forge into battle with classic melee-style weapons and armor such as chain mail and long swords or futuristic armaments such as power armor and plasma guns.

Exarch takes place thousands of years in the future within a distant universe. The Empire has recently collapsed, leaving the surviving Exarchs (the ruling governors of the once proud Empire) in a struggle to save what remains. Players will choose sides in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of all living things. Questing will be integrated into practically every aspect of the game and will combine combat with adventure in a world full of terrible monsters such as mutants, undead, robots and dragons.

The world will come alive thru the creative concepts of well-known comic book artist Joe Madureira. Creator of the blockbuster comic book series Battle Chasers and former artist of Marvel's Uncanny X-Men, Madureira has been a leading force in the comic industry for more than a decade. His unmistakable style of character design and visual storytelling have earned him international acclaim and helped sell millions of books worldwide.

More exciting information on Exarch will be added to the website at http://www.exarchonline.com in the coming weeks.


Matthew Goodard