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Enter the Mysterious Domain 9 in Tower of Fantasy, Explore New Zones, and Level Up to 95

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Domain 9 has arrived in Tower of Fantasy. The 3.0 update adds Domain 9, new story, new systems, and a level cap up to 95.

The centerpiece of the new content is , of course, the new sector, Domain 9, and new Main Story updates. The mysterious new sector, on the other side of the celestial gate, you arrive and find the Ignisville Gale and Ignisville themed side missions. The new map covers Ignisville’s several different sections to the map, with new places to explore, new puzzles, and more to discover. 

As hinted in previous trailers and previews, there's plenty of danger waiting in Domain 9, and the Darkness is encroaching while the enemies are no longer being  pushed back as much because the energy that is supposed to suppress them is being depleted.

Of course, you and other Wanderers will begin the new story to figure out what to do about these issues, find new tactics and strategies, and other partners to face the crisis that is going on because of the rapidly depleting energy. 

Update 3.0 for Tower of Fantasy also adds several new systems. There's a new story navigation feature that lets you choose story chapters and enter them directly. The mentorship system is available from the mentorship screen. Complete mentorship missions with your Mentor or Apprentice to receive and share rewards. 

The smart servant system assists in battle when you activate it. Explore the Domain 9 map and you can obtain smart servants and enhancement materials. You'll benefit from activating your smart servant to assistant battle when you enter combat, and they will give damage and other buffs. when you upgrade your smart servants, their combat strength will increase.

There's a brand new world boss, Zhuyan. Bounty missions, new titles and achievements, and Dimension level rollback options.

A lot more details over at Tower of Fantasy, where you can read the full patch notes and a list of all the events that the team is holding to celebrate and help you progress through the new content. 


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