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Enter the Fury of the Damned in the Sea of Thieves Halloween Event

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Sea of Thieves has jumped onboard the Halloween events train with The Fury of the Damned event, complete with challenges and spooky rewards to unlock. 

The event runs from today, October 7th through November 4th and there are a series of themed challenges and plenty of undead to take on. With the most recent update focusing on the peril of the deep sea and murkier territory, this Halloween event fits right in with that spirit. 

To get started, you should aim to earn Favour from the Bilge Rats. To do that, think about ways to upset and otherwise disturb the undead that are all around. Destroy a ghost armada, battle to clear out some skeleton forts or other methods of mayhem. The Bilge Rats will notice if you're on the right track and reward you and with a bonus for working within an alliance

So what loot and rewards are at stake? Well, there are levels to meet but when you do, you might find yourself with some Wicked Web cosmetic items. These ghostly spider themed pieces can add to the Halloween theme and scare off any arachnophobic enemies you might have. 

There are also  Community Spirit challenges that will open to you after a first qualifier. These challenges will be group efforts at taking down massive numbers of skeletons and unlocking a series of global goals to reap more rewards after the event. If the community unlocked these goods, expect chests to arrive in your account. 

However, Rare has encountered some issues and the community challenges are currently down as of this writing, with the team working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. The Fury of the Damned event individual challenges and rewards are unaffected by this. For more on the event, and if you are logged in, to view the challenge boards, check the official event announcement.


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