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Enter the Forts of the Forgotten in Sea of Thieves With Today's Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today, a new Adventure, Forts of the Forgotten, begins in Sea of Thieves, and with it, a continuation of the storyline and broadening of the world. The latest update also brings rotating world events, stability enhancements, and fixes to performance.

Since the team announced that Adventures would help bridge the narrative in 2022 for Sea of Thieves, now we get a chance to see where that goes. This new Adventure directly follows the last one and will run from March 24th through April 7th. 

During the last adventure, Shrouded Islands,  a scheme that attempted to weaken the barrier between the Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned came to light. This new chapter will directly follow the narrative in the first one and continue letting you get involved in the intricacies of a pressing matter that will also involve a rescue mission. If you complete it, expect a new title and cosmetic reward.

The update also fixes a rotation of world events across the seas, so these will be available to take on consistently. On a related note, the ship cloud in the sky that meant you were about to come into contact with a skeleton fleet is back in the world event rotation. Other issues that have been fixed in this update include improvements to the server performance after the introduction of Sea Forts in Season Six because of the use and demand that adding these new Sea Forts have created. There have also been improvements to the client to better support performance on lower-spec hardware in general, to continue letting a wider range of players access the game.

However, they do advise that there are still server performance issues and ping spikes happening, so all of the server attention is, naturally, an ongoing process.

For more on the Forts of the Forgotten update, see the notes here at Sea of Thieves.


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