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Enter the Crypt for Rewards in Dungeons & Dragons Online's Halloween Event

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Dungeons & Dragons Online's latest update opens the Night Revels Halloween event, which has a couple of changes this year.

The Night Revels event will run through November 2nd, and this time, you have some options as to how you'll earn your rewards. Instead of always having to explore and run through Delera's Graveyard to find Night Revels keys, you can find a new champion type that is here for this event called the Shadow of Mabar. Defeat them and you'll have a chance for a chest containing pieces of chocolate and sometimes also one of those keys. You can still run through the graveyard and collect keys if you want to, but this gives more ways to get things done and enjoy the festive rewards.

Enter the crypt with your key to begin a questline. Run the quests and earn candy that you can trade for items. There are also new rewards for the event overall this year, including new cosmetic items, a new color option for Reaper's Platemail, Cloak, and Helm, and +2 to Constitution Augment. There are two Nightmare Mounts, one of which is available to buy and another that's an ultra rare prize from Gold Daily Dice. You can also buy Night Revels keys and Elixirs of Spooky Luck for 10% boosts to find ingredients in chests. Since this year's event is now on, with more options to earn your rewards, the 2019-2020 Night Revels ingredients are no longer useful.

For the full update notes, including details on the Halloween event, see the official announcement and notes here.


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