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Enter New Empires in Blade & Soul With a New Dungeon, New Top-Tier Weapon Tier, New Systems, and More

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It’s a new chapter for Blade & Soul with the arrival of the New Empires update today. The update changes a number of systems and items, adds a new dungeon, and continues the Epic Quest Story.

Changes include the addition of a new weapon tier: Upsurge Weapons, and appropriate new weapons fitting this new tier for all classes. These are the new top tier weapons in the game, and they weapons can only be upgraded via mythical enchantment. If you try to enchant and fail, the enchantment level you have won’t decrease. So you’ll be able to get steady progress through this new method, just in a new way. Initially, these new weapons will drop from the new dungeon, Hall of Trials, along with the True Upsurge Weapon, which has slightly different requirements for enchantment.

With the introduction of these new top-tier weapons, there’s also a Succession system that will let you transition existing gear into the new tier. Another related new system is the Evolution Progress system that will let you upgrade your weapons and accessories of other tiers. Some accessories will also get some new sockets, there are new mythical accessories, and an updated True Skystealer Ring.

Also in the update are new tiers for souls and pet auras, called Manifest Soul and Uproar Pet Aura. 

The Hall of Trials dungeon complements all of these new changes. In this 4-player Demonsbane dungeon, you’ll have to head to Nykkari Island and rescue a friend. Of course, that rescue will come with some big challenges. As a Demonsbane dungeon, there are 20 levels to get through and challenges increase or change as you go unlock each level via demonsbane XP. Among the rewards for the new dungeon include a True Upsurge Weapon after clearing stage 8 for the first time, Upsurge Essence, Upsurge evolution stones, and more. 

See the patch notes over at Blade & Soul. 

There is currently a delay on the update, but the target is still today.


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