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Enjoy the Moon Festival and Harder Dungeons in Swords of Legends Online 

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Swords of Legends Online has a brand new update tomorrow with the Moon Festival event, along with three new extreme level dungeons, a hard raid, and new items.

The Moon Festival is the centerpiece of the event, and there are several ways to enjoy it. First you'll want to travel to the special Festival Grounds on Xinghejian Island. There you'll find areas all ready for the celebrations, from the paradise area with its moonlight swing, lunar rituals, a rabbit meadow and even different environmental effects for nighttime.

Playing through the festival events will net you Moon Offering incense, which will serve as the currency to trade for event themed rewards. Road to the Moon Palace is a single player minigame that will test your memory as you trace paths. Sky Gatherer is a different single player minigame that sees the stars falling from the sky onto the water. Collect the yellow and blue stars for a stackable buff and avoid the red ones to not be stunned. 

Bright Light Blessing is a different event that can be played anywhere in the game, not just on the Festival Grounds areas. Use some Moon Offering Incense to buy Sky Lanterns from Velveteen in Blessed Dew Terrace. Set those lanterns loose at night (in game time 8PM to 1AM) and you'll get refunded a portion of the incense you spent on the lanterns and also be entered in a raffle for prizes. 

For those who are more in a battling mood than a celebratory one, the new Extreme dungeons are here too, and Frostbitten Path, Chou Prison, Raging River Ruins are all ready for those up to the challenge. Also joining in is the new hard mode for the Xuanjiu Jade Palace Raid.

There are additional changes in the update that goes live on Thursday. You can read about all of the changes and additions in the full patch notes.


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