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Enjoy Sia's Cover of Fly Me To the Moon for a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Music Video

Final Fantasy XIV has reached 25 million registered players

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker beginning early access tomorrow, Square Enix has unveiled a new music video and collaboration with Sia for a cover version of the classic song “Fly Me to the Moon”. 

Given the setting and inspiration for the expansion, the song choice is entirely appropriate and the music video is inspired by the visuals and story of Endwalker. The video also features visuals from the game as well as animation inspired by the song itself. The Sia cover version of  “Fly Me to the Moon” is available on all streaming platforms.

In the announcement of the collaboration and release of another music video, Square Enix also made it known that, since A Realm Reborn, the past eight years have led to 25 million registered players globally for Final Fantasy XIV. 

Meanwhile, with anticipation up for Endwalker, There is a warning to be patient because demand is expected to be super high. With pre-orders known and the player base having grown significantly over the summer, leading to server issues and capacity limits, they have done things to make access better and increase capacity, but with such a new and a large update coming with so much new content to play through,  it's looking like things will be pretty busy for a while.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will enter early access overnight at 1 a.m. Pacific or 4 a.m. Eastern Friday morning. The complete patch notes for update 6.0, have also been revealed, with extensive notes detailing new areas, changes to combat, the addition of the male Viera race, and many other changes included in the major update. Even if you're not playing Endwalker, there will be a ton of changes that apply to the game on the whole.

See the full patch notes here at Final Fantasy XIV.


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