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End of Era Events Announced

Keith Cross Posted:
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Lockpick Entertainment has announced a series of events in Dreamlords as the latest era draws to a close.

The end starts here. The Nightmares have finally reached a point where they can start mass breeding one of their most powerful beings; the Nightmare Seeder. Armies of Nightmare Seeders and their minions are approaching through the Primordial Ocean and through portals leading to their unforgiving domain. They are here to make the final preparations, to devour what little left is needed for them to be able to call upon the bringer of ultimate destruction and fear - the Nedom Wolven, the Cynos of ultimate Destruction, the devourer of worlds.

During the last days of the Era, you will be able to take on eight quests on your Patria of varying difficulty, from a level of 35 up to 59. Upon completing one of these quests, you have the chance to obtain one of the items from the Corruptor (Dreamlord gear, level 4) set, or a wealth in dissolvable items. Those of you who manage to finish the final and most difficult of these quests will be awarded the Corruptor's Key of Souls, a weapon which is unique for that particular quest. The gear can be traded unless they are soulbound, and cannot be found anywhere else. The Era will end Wednesday Oct 15th at 10.00 am (CET) so there is no time to lose

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Keith Cross