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Encased, an Old-School Isometric RPG, Hits Its Initial Funding Goal

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Encased, an "old-school isometric RPG", has hit its initial funding goal on KickStarter with about six days left in the initiative. The original goal was to raise approximately $99,000 and the mark was met earlier today with over 2,200 fans becoming backers.

Encased combat is inspired by classic, tactical turn-based systems, with a grid overlay, action points, cover system, special abilities, various ammo and damage types, many different resistances, and more!

The player has direct control over his character only. You will manage the behavior and tactics of their your henchmen but their specific actions will be guided by the game’s combat AI system, introducing funny and interesting situations into your battles.

There are dozens of weapons to be found, many of which can be stripped and upgraded. 

There are tons of videos on the Encased Kickstarter page, so head over to take a look.

You should also check out Garrett Fuller's Encased Preview from PAX 2018!


Suzie Ford

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