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Emulation Project Star Wars Galaxies Legends Shares In-Game Events, Future Plans

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Wars Galaxies Legends, an emulation project based around the NGE version of the game, announced an upcoming community event currently underway called, “The Countdown to the Rise of Skywalker” Giveaway.

The team wants to know what your favorite thing about Star Wars is. Your submissions will be judged and winners will receive prices such as a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order on their platform of choice.

The team hosts a Galactic Homeshow contest each month where players decorate their in-game houses, and are then judged. The winner gets an in-game trophy as a reward. Additionally, the project hosts a Galactic Senate program where players nominate other players to act as a community representative. These senators then interact with staff regarding any changes coming to the project.

Upcoming content for the project includes new space starfighters, new planets like Bespin and Felucia, and new PvP content. Learn more about the project here, and check out the trailer below:

About Star Wars Galaxies Legends

SWG Legends is a NGE based Star Wars Galaxies project. Founded in 2016. It is run by a volunteer group of staff which consists of the following staff teams within the project. Developers, Quality Assurance, CSR’s (Community Support Representative) and Event & Social Media Coordinators. The staff members are geographically from all around the world. As far from Australia to Europe to the USA. Over almost 4 years that Legends has been active we’ve had over 50 thousand account creations and managed to keep our community engaged.


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