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Empires of EVE Volume 2 Is Out Now, Covers The Great Conflicts Of EVE Online

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Andrew Groen's Empires of EVE Volume 2 is now out, detailing the next chapter in EVE Online's history and its players. A follow up to his 2016 work, Empires of EVE Volume 1, the second volume picks up where the first left off, offering insight into the complex world of New Eden as told by its players.

Empires of EVE Volume 2 has been years in the making, and the second volume picks up the tale of the space-faring MMO, helping to preserve the years of player-made history in one of gaming's most social and expansive universes. In an MMO where the stories told within aren't normally ones written by the developers, but rather the escapades of the player who inhabit the universe, EVE Online's history being preserved by Groen in an approachable, concise manner is much needed. 

The first Empires of EVE followed the tale from EVE Online's inception through 2009, with Volume 2 picking up what Groen calls the "events of greatest importance" from 2009 through 2014. Because EVE is rather unique in the fact that the in-game world blends so well with out-of-game meetings and gameplay, Groen's tale shows all aspects, from the meetings in-game to the discussions and planning of players outside of it. 

It's worth a read if you're a fan of game history, especially history that is built by the players themselves. The entire first chapter is up in an excerpt on Polygon if you want to get a taste of it, though it's highly recommended you start at the beginning if you've not caught the first volume. Empires of EVE Volume 2 is available through its official website, as well as on Amazon.



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