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Emissary Program to be Reduced to 'Ensure Close & Secure Communication'

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Bless Online Discord (Announcement channel) has been updated with a note from "Penta" to let players know that the Emissary Program will be undergoing some changes in the future. Most notably, the number of Community Leaders and Content Creators will be reduced to "ensure close and secure communications" with the development team.

Penta is careful to explain that these changes do not mean that all Emissaries were found in violation of the code of conduct, though it is admitted that some did. 

Emissary program, and we apologize to those in the program who feel they were unfairly impacted by the shifts. We will adjust our official Emissary post on our website to reflect the changes later today. We care deeply about the future of this game and community, and hope that going forward the Emissary program can do more in support of Bless.

Read the full post on the Bless Online Discord #Announcements channel.


Suzie Ford

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