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Embracer Announces It Has Five Lord of the Rings Games In The Works In Recent Financial Report

Gollum and Mines of Moria...and more

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Embracer Group recently had its quarterly financial report, and the company revealed it has more Lord of the Rings titles in the works, as well as indications its current line up of MMOs seem to be doing well for the company overall.

First things first: if you wanted more virtual Middle-earth, it looks like we're getting it thanks to Embracer's acquisition of Middle-earth Enterprises last year. We currently know of two games in development set in Tolkien's fantasy world: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum as well as The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. The former is a stealth adventure where players jump into the shoes (well, not that Gollum wears shoes) of the eponymous Gollum as he escapes Mordor, while the latter is a survival multiplayer game where you take the role of Dwarves rebuilding the mansions of Khazad-dum. 

However, Embracer revealed during its investor call that three more titles set in Middle-earth are coming within the next 24 months, though the company declined to state exactly what they could be. This means we could be seeing some Middle-earth-themed mobile titles or PC and console games. It simply remains to be seen.

Embracer also revealed during its report that its MMOs Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, both being worked on by Gearbox San Francisco and Cryptic Studios are in the top 10 of back catalog drivers, alongside other titles such as Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, and Chivalry 2.


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