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Embrace Shadow Magic, as Guild Wars 2 Reveals the Thief's Elite Specialization, the Specter

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Guild Wars 2 ramping up for its third Elite Specialization beta event next week, the next class has been revealed. This time, you'll be able to try out the Specter, the specialization for the thief.

The power of hiding in the shadows is something familiar to the thief, but the Specter goes a step further and will use shadow magic. This blend of skill pulls from the thief's already full knowledge of how to use shadows, stealth, and even venoma so be deadly and victorious. 

Specters will bring all of that and add a twist with shadow magic, which from the preview looks to have some use both offensively and defensively. While thieves may be more of an independent force, one of the abilities shown is Shadow Shroud. This power will let you tether yourself to allies and use your shroud to protect them with a shadow barrier. While the Specter will gain new knowledge, the flexibility of the thief shouldn't be lost. This time, however, you may be wielding a scepter for new magic options to keep playing with shadowy stealth and direct interaction. You’ll also be able to use those shadow powers in ways you might be more used to, to debilitate your enemies and claim victory.

The next beta will happen on October 26th. There are still several more classes to be revealed, and just what we can expect from them as well. The beta event will be open to all, since all testing will just be of the new Specializations in existing areas of Tyria. So if you're looking to send your thief on a new path and gain some mysterious new powers, you can log in on beta day and take a fully leveled beta Specter for a try. For more, see the Guild Wars 2 site..


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