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EmberSword Land Sale Claims Slow Site, Show Demand

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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EmberSword's land sale update with details attracted over 35,000 submissions. Qualified buyers were notified via email and able to start logging in to the final stage to claim their land, crashing the site for a while. While back, there is a virtual waiting area before you can go to the purchasing page.

Player-driven economies live with a dash (or many dashes) of the unpredictable sometimes. When starting a new process like this land sale,it is clear that the demand was there from the start.

Buying land was done through a multi-pronged process. Those who were interested in having an allotment to buy entered. You could choose what kind of land you would be interested in purchasing, but if selected, you'd only be allowed to choose one type. The first type of land that you asked for and meet eligibility requirements to buy will be reserved.

If you requested a town, but only ranked for a plot, you'd find the plot waiting for you to buy once you got to the buy page. If you asked for a city and met those requirements, your city would be waiting.

However, due to demand on the server, some people were seeing nothing waiting for them, an error that they had not qualified, or multiple cards with no final selection amid crashes. They put up the virtual waiting area to space out loading and apply a fix to smooth things out some. 

The team also emphasized that those who did get the email that they qualified will have an opportunity to claim their reserved land, and that there continue to be issues to work out, but that there will be two weeks to make any claims. Once the issues have been sorted, in the end, the team estimates that there will be 5000 new landowners in the game as a result of this sale. Find out more over at EmberSword.


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