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Embers Adrift's State of the Game Newsletter Talks Rebranding, the Environment, and Crafting

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Embers Adrift has gone through some changes over the last year. By now, those that have followed Saga of Lucimia probably know that the game went through a rebranding, and is now called Ember’s Adrift. In the latest State of the Game developer Stormhaven Studios explains what the rebranding means, and walks through the advancements they’ve made in development this year.

The past year has been a busy one for Stormhaven Studios. Embers Adrift received a rebranding, that points to the lore of the games’ magic system, known as Alchemy. While that may be the initial spark that pushed Saga of Lucimia out of focus and replaced it with a new moniker, Executive Producer of Stormhaven Studios, John Gust states that the name can mean something different to different people.

As may of you know we’ve rebranded our upcoming MMORPG to Embers Adrift. This name is related to the lore of our game and its “magic system” called Alchemy. Alchemy, in Embers Adrift, is the process of taking an ore called ember that contains a naturally occurring form of energy and then manipulating it to do certain things. The name Embers Adrift is also open to interpretation for each player. For myself, Embers Adrift, is a call to adventure into the dark unknown - who knows what dangerous adventures might spark up in the next zone or dungeon. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us in this grand adventure to forge new friendships, lasting memories, and perhaps find a new MMORPG to call home.

-John Gust, Executive Producer, Stormhaven Studio

Many of the changes that happened over the past year still hearken back to tabletop RPGs, which seems to be a prime focus in the ongoing development of Embers Adrift. For example, the dungeon system has been built with the idea that players can lose themselves in the darkest depths of the world, just like players can in a tabletop RPG. Roles are another feature that Embers Adrift wanted to make sure they give an ample focus to. The team has redesigned the mastery system in a way that will make it easier for players to choose and fill a particular role for their team.

Other strides made over the last year include changes to creature and character models, and a revamp of the crafting system. Are you excited to see more? You may not have to wait too long, as Stormhaven has partnered with a marketing agency to provide an updated game trailer which will be available in the near future. Currently, Embers Adrift is in an Alpha state, with tests running every Wednesday evening at 8PM CST. The Alpha is currently only open to those that have preordered, but preorders are no longer available on the official website at this time. Preorders were disabled back in 2020, and will be reenabled at a later date when Stormhaven is ready to show off their progress.


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