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Embers Adrift's Last Update of 2022 Has Fixes and Player Experience Improvements. And Bears.

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The final update of 2022 for Embers Adrift is out. Stormhaven Studios continues working on improvements and fixes to show out the year.

With the last few patches, continuing since the game officially released in October, there have been a series of content additions as well as fixes, including special attention paid to stability issues that led to excessive load on systems. This final update of the month also focused on fixes, including on overhaul to Emberdrift spawning tech, with an aim to keep it up 100% of the time. This goal has been reached, and they’ve done so along with making the entrances migrate around the map but never actually despawn anymore. There have also been two Emberdrifts that have been moved from Northreach to Meadowlands. 

Building a game like Embers Adrift in Unity has presented Stormhaven with some challenges that they continue to work to address. While the launch overall has been very stable, the issues that remain keep needing work and sometimes, workarounds. The latest such workaround is the toggle just added to disable camera collision smoothing. This will mostly help those that experience excessive jittering in close quarters, but they acknowledge it could also occasionally make the issue worse. They’ve notified Unity about the issue and promise a permanent fix later.

Other fixes include making AoE targeting more reliable, fixing a bug that let stunned mobs continue fleeing, and fixing some stuck spots in the world. The team fixed a number of issues, but also made some gameplay and environmental tweaks. They added some bears to Redshore in accordance with their update of the Redshore map. Redshore also had their stags replaced with elks.

Overall, this is another round of improvements, necessary fixes, and more that will improve player experience while the team takes a holiday break. A server restart on December 27th is possible, but the next patch will be out on January 3, 2023. 

For more, read the full notes at Embers Adrift.


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