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Embers Adrift Will Not Move Ahead With Content Compression After Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The Embers Adrift team added a proposed content compression to the QA server recently to get feedback on the proposed changes that would’ve added a new progression curve. In the latest community video, CM Elloa and Executive Producer John “Drindin” gust discuss the proposal and the community’s concerns and feedback.

The team has decided not to go ahead with the proposal, which was added to QA this month. Their goals for the proposal were to create a faster way to ensure there was content to do at every level and make it easier to find others to group with who were in a similar range of their leveling journeys. The compression would’ve made the leveling journey 1-30 instead of 1-50, with individual levels needing more time and experience to complete. 

Embers Adrift is made and run by a smaller independent team, with no microtransactions for extra funding. Upping the content cadence by a lot or trying to get mass amounts of new people onboard are less feasible, so they are looking into other ways to improve the experience. 

Gust acknowledges that many of the player experience issues would be solved by having more active players, but they can control the game itself to try and find solutions. There were some strong initial reactions to the proposal, which Drindin acknowledges, especially when classic MMORPG fans are a key part of the community. The stories many have of devs ruining their favorite game are rooted in  strong memories.

After that feedback, he also says the feeling of fighting through to gain a few levels before getting something new is understandable. The compression would’ve intentionally used the longer individual levels and more XP in the format to deliver new things faster.

Even the content compression proposal was proposed because it could be done fast, but wasn’t going to replace the devs’ work on general improvements and creating new content. Pledging to continue listening to the community, they’ll be looking into more options to keep improving the Embers Adrift experience.


Christina Gonzalez

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