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Embers Adrift Will Hold a Free Weekend January 27-29th, With Community and Streaming Events

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 Embers Adrift  will hold a free weekend from January 27-29th. The subscription-based game will be able to try out for free, and Stormhaven Studios is planning some events around the promotion.

The event will begin on Friday, January 27th, and at midnight, there will be a community welcoming event. An event like this means existing players join to help new ones. This time those stepping into the world for the first time via the free play weekend, can join up. Those who have been playing for a while and have the ability to help out new players (and the free weekend players) can do so in some of the following ways:

  • Prepare consumable, reagents, and equipment to offer to new players
  • Keep an eye on the global chat to answer questions, and welcome new players with warmth and kindness
  • Set up groups for new players to show them the ropes of the game, and show them how fun it is to play with a group of players

With Embers Adrift being very much about community and interdependence in some meaningful ways, there’s a lot of benefit that can come from having some guidance. While the design is intentionally bent towards discovery and exploration, as well as learning, grouping is vital. This community help event will begin when the free weekend kicks of.

On Sunday, January 29th, the final day of the free weekend, there will be a trade fair to show off wares and maybe equip new players for their final free hours or to help those who do decide to subscribe with a good start to their more permanent stay. There will also be a closing event on Sunday, consisting of a world tour through the various zones. There may be spoilers here.

Stormhaven will also be sharing a new Embers Adrift streamers’ marathon, with a number of keys to give away to unlock the game  permanently.

For full details, read the announcement at Embers Adrift.


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