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Embers Adrift Team Recaps October, From A Stable Launch, to New Dungeons, and an Eventful Halloween

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Embers Adrift launched last month, and now the team at Stormhaven Studios has a recap of how the first month of official live service went, and a look ahead too.

Because it was launched only last month, the team was mostly focused on making sure that things ran as smoothly as possible and was technically secure. They added several new dungeons to the game, each with their own set of monsters to fight and items to walk away with should you win. 

They also held a Halloween event, which makes sense launching in October. In addition to spooky decorations, there were some lore related incidents that turned out to be eventful in the group-oriented game. According to the dev post:

“Two of the creepiest monster hordes (Mistcrawlers and giant Spiders) ended up in a dispute which collided at Ravenrock Outpost. The Mistcrawlers decided they really enjoy eating spider eggs and they stole away a spider matriarch and her attendants. The spiders caught one of the Mistcrawler’s greatest hunters and held him captive in their caves. The two hordes went to war and the guards and drifters at Ravenrock were caught in the middle until some brave groups of drifters ended the dispute by hunting down the captured leaders of each horde and ending their existence. Fun was had by all.”

With this first event, Stormhaven also let us all know to see what’s to come as the story of Embers Adrift changes with player involvement. 

They’re also highlighting other content added and what’s in the works. Community feedback has been coming in and they're looking to continue to balance the game, as well as to keep things technically stable. Feedback will be responsible for the removal of the Ancient Bear in an upcoming patch. 

They continue looking for player feedback as the team works to develop more planned content, but also look to be responsive. 

For more, read the full recap on October over at Embers Adrift.


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