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Ember's Adrift Talks Quality of Life Improvements, Sets Up Final Alpha Stage

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ember's Adrift, which you'll recall is the new name for the previously titled Saga of Lucimia, recently took to their forums to talk about their upcoming changes alpha players will see the next time they hop into the world. Additionally, the team at Stormhaven is setting the stage for what it calls its final alpha stage, stating that alpha packages will be on sale again here soon.

For those who have been eager to see what Ember's Adrift is all about, especially now with the pivot from the Saga of Lucimia world, it looks like the team is opening the store back up this month to inject some new perspectives into the testing. While Stormhaven has collected info and feedback from long-time testers, the Final Alpha Stage, as it's being called, will get new players in to test the "early gameplay."

Stormhaven's John Gust, Executive Producer on Ember's Adrift, states that interested parties should keep an eye on the forums itself, as well as the MMO's Discord channel for updates on this front. 

As far as what returning alpha players might expect to see differently, Gust detailed a bit of the quality of life improvements made to Ember's, especially UI adjustments to help "players navigate the game more easily." This includes nameplates to help see how many targets you have selected, as well as adding challenge ratings in those nameplates to help idetify if something is simply out of your league.

"We’ve made many quality of life improvements to the game in September that will help players navigate the game more easily. Indicators to help you see which offensive and defensive targets you currently have selected are now much easier to identify in the world space by looking at nameplates. We’ve also added challenge ratings to the nameplates in the form of chevrons and their colors. More chevrons = a higher tier mob needing a bigger group and color = how high above or below your level the mob is. Don’t even think about attacking a red mob - if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you! We’ve also work more on the social system with communication improvements, adding friends list capabilities, and adding chat bubbles to the world space which makes in-game chat actually kinda fun, especially when sitting down around an Ember Ring with your group. Take a look at the screenshots for examples of some of the above."

You can check ou the full post on the Ember's Adrift forums. If you'll recall, earlier this year Saga of Lucimia creator and one of the founders of Stormhaven Studios Tim Anderson announced that he and his brother who also worked on the MMO were no longer affiliated with the MMO itself. While no real reason was given as to why the split occurred, the original concept of the MMO set in Anderson's Lucimia universe was changed to Ember's Adrift, with the studio talking about what exactly the rebranding means for the MMOEmber's Adrift is targeting a mid-2022 release window currently, with pre-orders opening up soon.


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