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Embers Adrift Readies its First Trailer and Has a Brand New Sneak Peek

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Embers Adrift, the independent MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios, is about to release its first trailer on January 1st, with a look ahead for what’s to come as the development moves into 2022. After releasing a sneak peek at the trailer last week, there is a second short peek out now for an additional preview.

Development on  Embers Adrift continues after a year that brought much change, some system revamps and more shifts to come together. Development on the game originally began back in 2014 as Saga of Lucimia by a team of what are just 11 passionate believers in MMORPGs and their potential for both gameplay and the social element. Their focus is on a strategic, slower-paced, group-oriented–with room for solo enjoyment–and subscription-based game looking to set an experience that lasts.

The next testing period starts on December 30th and ends on January 2nd. Sandwiched in between those dates will be the arrival of the new trailer. The testing will let the developers get feedback on how things are coming together both from direct community feedback and the data they collect. While the trailer will show things off to the larger community of MMORPG players interested in what’s fresh and on the horizon.

Embers Adrift is available for pre-order, which during this phase continues to support the ongoing development. If you preorder before February 2, 2022 you’ll get special titles and early access three days before the launch. Also a perk of pre-ordering is the availability of testing servers. January, the servers will be open every weekend for testing to preorder customers. With preorders now coming from over 24 countries already, there’s a variety of players out there who’ll be testing and shaping the game. The weekend sessions will join the weekly Wednesday test time with the dev team.

For more on the game, visit the  Embers Adrift site.


Christina Gonzalez

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