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Embers Adrift Posts November State of the Game, Recaps Content Changes and Events

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Embers Adrift has been out for more than a month now, and according to Stormhaven Studio’s latest state of the game, a lot of changes have hit the game, with more events on the way. For those who haven’t been able to partake in Embers Adrift yet, your chance will come, as the team plans to open up a free weekend in the near future.

When it comes to indie games, Embers Adrift has worked hard to etch out a niche for that has managed to captivate players looking for challenging group-oriented content. In the November State of the Game, Stormhaven Studios outlined the successes that the team accomplished, which includes two new static dungeons, new Emberdrift dungeons, and outdoor dungeon, and wandering high level mobs. Stormhaven’s designs are meant to encourage groups to get together, and work together, to reap the rewards each dungeon holds deep within their walls.

Some dungeons, however, have been made more solo friendly, and for players that are looking to get in, grab their loot, and get out, the Emberdrift dungeons that Stormhaven added in November will be the most efficient way to make most of your limited time. Several quality of life (QOL) features were added, with more on the way.

Stormhaven has also consistently added in-game events, such as the Newhaven Fair, and the Mandrakes Attack which went live throughout the day Sunday, December 11th. The team promises that they have plenty more events in store, including a free weekend, where new players who have yet to try Embers Adrift can hop in, group up, and try this unique indie title for themselves. If you are interested in learning more about Embers Adrift, and whether the game might be just the indie you’re looking for, read our initial review in progress along with our final review for more information.


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