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Embers Adrift Patch Fixes Huge Memory Leak, Adds New Dungeon, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today, Embers Adrift got a new update that continues Stormhaven Studios’ work to improve post-launch. This includes fixing a troublesome memory leak affecting the server that made the game a huge drain on some players’ systems, adds a new dungeon, makes Emberdrifts more available, and fixes bugs.

The memory leak fix was one of the most important part of the patch, since the burden on systems was a priority to get to a more manageable level. According to developer Undone, who shared the patch notes, 

“These past few weeks have uncovered a server memory leak causing our zone executables to bloat in memory footprint the longer they are up. This eventually leads to our server running out of memory which leads to the operating system closing zones to avoid a system lockup.

90% of my time this past week has been spent investigating and implementing fixes for these leaks. To make a long story short: the way Unity really handles the destruction of objects within the game is not what I expected”.

This was one of the reasons that fixing the issue both took a while and needed fine work once the team began figuring out what to do with it. Since most Unity devs are not  “running an executable for days on end with tons of player traffic and tens of thousands of npcs spawning in and out”, the effect on a system isn’t usually so high.

The memory leak issue is set to be fixed with the update, but they’ll know how on target their fixes were soon enough.  Other fixes include making sure the frame rate lock is working to avoid additional strain on player systems, fixing some navigation issues, and fixing dungeon spawns. 

In feature changes, Stormhaven has also decided to adjust the Emberdrifts to remain available at all times. Entrances will keep having rotating positions though. There’s also a new 26-27 dungeon added to Meadowlands.

Head over to Embers Adrift to read the patch notes and a list of in-progress work.


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