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Embers Adrift Live Today For Alpha Backers Ahead Of Full Launch On October 15th

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Alpha testers can now jump into the new MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios, Embers Adrift, and finally able to see the live game come to fruition. This is ahead of the full launch which takes place on Friday.

Alpha testers have been in the MMO since the very first tests for players, and as a thank you for the hard work and sticking with Stormhaven, the studio has opened its live server for those testers to finally make real progress in the MMORPG. The old-style, group-focused PvE-only MMO is opening its doors fully to the public on Friday, though to get in you'll still need to buy the MMO and then pay a subscription fee.

Stormhaven Studios, the indie game developer behind the MMORPG, dropped a story trailer over the weekend, showing a glimpse of the world ahead of launch. Stormhaven has rebranded the MMO and world since Tim Anderson, one of the studio's founders, and the team parted ways. Originally called Saga of Lucimia, the MMO changed course once Anderson and his brother left the company, revamping the world and lore to fit the new Embers Adrift theme.

As far as the gameplay, it's promising a return to the old-school style of MMORPG that many older fans of the genre grew up on. Instead of focusing on large-scale PvP like many MMOs today do, Embers is a completely PvE affair that prioritizes grouping up to progress fully. 

Embers Adrift is launching on October 15th for a price of $29.99, though that will be raised to $39.99 on November 1st. Additionally, a subscription fee of $9.99 will be required to play the MMO, a cost which will be raised to $14.99 at the end of 2022, though you'll be able to lock in the lower price if you subscribe before 2023. While Alpha backers are able to jump in now, Beta testers will be able to start early as well, hitting the game world on October 14th, while the rest of the world will be able to hop in on launch day of October 15th.


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