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Embers Adrift Is Hosting Its First In-Game Community Event Saturday

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Embers Adrift entered its closed beta earlier this month, and while testing has been ongoing each week since, the first real event has been announced. This Saturday, players can join up with the MMO's community manager Elloa to explore the MMO together.

Since exiting its NDA-laden Alpha, Embers Adrift has been stepping up its marketing efforts as it chugs towards launch. The closed beta does require a purchase to get into, but with weekly tests with developers, many looking for an old-school style MMO have felt that it was worth the cost.

While this month has seen various tests throughout each weekend, the team at Stormhaven is putting together its first closed beta community event in-game on Saturday, March 26th at 3pm Central/4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific. The event will see players group up and join community manager Elloa as they explore the world that the studio is creating, specifically traveling to Dryfoot.

If you're not in the beta but want to see Embers Adrift in action, the team will be streaming the event to Elloa's channel per the video in the tweet announcement.

Embers Adrift is currently focusing on building out the content in the beta, after spending the alpha period ensuring the core systems and mechanics were in place. The MMO is still targeting a 2022 release, and we recently were able to catch up with the developers at Stormhaven Studios to talk a bit about the world they are creating, as well as some of the challenges of building an MMO as an indie developer.


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