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Embers Adrift Is Hosting Its First Halloween Event, Streamer Marathon

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Embers Adrift is ramping up getting their MMO in front of people, kicking off a weekend-long Halloween stream with multiple content creators. The streams will run nonstop across Twitch from now through Sunday evening. This coincides with their first ever live Halloween event running now through November 3rd.

The old-school style MMORPG is trucking along since launching earlier this month, and the team at Stormhaven Studios is dressing for the occasion. The event sees players on the hunt for cosmetic masks, as well as investigating an uptick in spider attacks in the area, all with smugglers and the Newhaven Valley itself seeing a Halloween Makeover.

The team breaks down some of the changes to the Meadowlands zone as well, seeing some landscaping work as well as addressing the NPC navigation in the area.

"As many of you have reported over the past week Meadowlands NPC navigation is a bit of a mess. To address this we have made some minor adjustments to the landscaping to help improve the situations. These changes slightly reduce the playable space in areas that were underutilized, and allows us to more effectively create separate navigation meshes that are stitched together at run time through links. Ideally this will reduce the computational overhead of NPC navigation costs and improve performance as a whole."

Other additions to the MMO in the recent patch have been the ability to roll on loot whilst unconscious, a new dungeon added to the Meadowlands called The Aquifer, as well as fixes to the tech, UI and more. 

Over the weekend, if you're looking to join in the Halloween festivities, or just see what this MMO is all about before plunking down the funds to buy it, Embers Adrift is having 19 different content creators stream the MMORPG throughout the weekend. You can check out the full schedule in the tweet below.

We've recently been checking out Embers Adrift as it launched out of its long development process earlier this month. While for me it might not be a game I play too long, Emily is steadily working through the MMO in her review.


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