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Embers Adrift Is Dropping Its NDA March 1st, Announces How Its Beta Testing Will Work Ahead of 2022 Release

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PvE MMORPG Embers Adrift is gearing up for its beta testing phase ahead of its planned 2022 release date, and one major way is finally pulling back the Alpha NDA later this year.

In a new press release on the official Embers Adrift forums, Stormhaven Studios announced the NDA on the alpha would be lifted on March 1st, and testing would be expanded to more than one day a week as it currently stands. 

Starting in March, when the closed beta releases, testers will be able to jump in Embers Friday through Sundays, as well as the normal Wednesday scheduled test with the developers themselves. This will allow players to get more time with the game, provide more feedback and get the MMORPG ready for its 2022 release.

Although the beta itself is closed, there won't be an NDA, meaning players, content creators (and press) can share their thoughts publicly. Like with the ongoing alpha, you can buy into the beta test to earn rewards when the full game launches. While we don't have a date for that just yet, the MMORPG is still slated for 2022. 

Additionally, Stormhaven Studios announced the pricing of its subscription model, with the monthly sub costing players $14.99 once the game launches. However, the indie developer announced the sub price will be discounted at launch for a limited time to $9.99.

Embers Adrift will also have a massive server stress test during its closed beta test called the World-Breaker event. This portion of the beta won't require a paid copy of the MMO to participate, giving those on the fence about buying a chance to try it out before hand.

"During beta there will be an exclusive Server Stress Test event called the World-Breaker event. Those who wish to be invited to participate will be able to sign-up on our website to be added to a pool of possible participants; we will announce a date for the opening of this sign-up page soon so keep an eye on our social media pages and/or sign-up for our newsletter. Those who have pre-ordered will automatically gain access to the World-Breaker event. Invitations to those who haven’t pre-ordered are going to be limited. Players who log-in during this weekend event will receive the exclusive “World-Breaker” title as well as the Ember-Inlaid Sword item. Please join the community as we test our servers in order to prepare the Embers Adrift server infrastructure for launch operation."

Meanwhile, if you're been interested in how the game looks and plays right now, the team at Stormhaven is showcasing the MMO in a video series called "Around the Ember Ring," this time focusing on combat. It's a meaty video, but definitely worth checking out if you're at all wondering how the MMO is progressing.

Embers Adrift is being developed by a small studio based out of Texas, with the MMO originally being called Saga of Lucimia. However, early in 2021 it was made known the original founders of the studio had departed the project under unclear circumstances.


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