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Embers Adrift First Trailer Introduces The World and Emphasizes Player-Driven Exploration

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After releasing snippets in late December, the first full trailer for Embers Adrift is out, giving a look at the upcoming MMORPG in development. 

The trailer opens with some of the world and then plunges us into some of the setting around the mysteries of the Ember, and what it means for all who seek it. The peeks at the world, from woods, to fields, and caves are also accompanied by some of the dangers you’ll find there too. With this being a sandbox and there being no planned quest hubs, mini-maps, or linearity, the spirit of exploration is clearly one of the goals here.

“You must discover the path for yourself,” as the voiceover in the trailer says, makes this prominent and sets the stakes for those who might play. As does the “rediscover discovery” text towards the end. The group-oriented nature of the game mixed with that exploration is intended to both take us back to a more social and interdependent age of MMORPGs while still emphasizing immersion. 

The new trailer also features an introduction to some of the menagerie of creatures you’ll be able to battle, from spiders and giant ants, to a bear with mysteriously lit eyes (all those ember clues may have something to do with this, after all, but that’s up for the discovery). Yet, the overall focus is on introducing the emphasis on exploration and player-driven, group-oriented adventuring and survival in this challenging world.

The Stormhaven team promises that there will be some big reveals next month as they begin to pull back the curtain even more on what Embers Adrift is offering. With that in mind, they’ve also announced that their alpha servers will begin to be open every weekend soon. This will give all who preorder access to trying the development builds out and even play with the devs to offer feedback.

You can find out more about Embers Adrift over on the official site.


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