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Embers Adrift Enters Beta Today As Alpha NDA Drops

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Embers Adrift alpha testers can finally talk about their experience in the MMO as the NDA dropped today alongside the indie game moving into its beta testing phase. 

The small studio dropped its NDA today with the launch of the MMO into its next phase of testing. Beta testing will see, hopefully for Stormhaven, more players eager to check out the old-school inspired MMORPG, especially as testers are able to stream and share their thoughts freely.

For those who are hopping into Embers Adrift for the first time as the beta starts, the studio reminded players of what to expect when they booted up for the first time. Partnering with YouTuber Vulkan, the team told potential players that while the alpha has been focuesd on implementing the systems that drive the MMO, the beta will start to see content take the development focus.

Embers Adrift is slated to launch in 2022, the MMORPG has gone through its own transformation in its development cycle, originally being announced as Saga of Lucimia. However, as we reported last year, one of the founders and the creator of SoL's world, Tim Anderson, was no longer involved with the company starting back in 2020. The studio, Stormhaven Studios, changed the name of the MMORPG to Embers Adrift, following the news.

For those looking to get into testing, you can join the official Discord for more details. The MMO's team has started to tease a new zone coming to testing, with technical director, Rober, having shared an image to get players ready for tomorrow's first test of the new beta.


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