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Embers Adrift Details What's in the Beta in Latest Video

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Now that Embers Adrift has transitioned to their beta, Stormhaven Studios wants players to know what they can expect when they hop into the game. In a 9-minute video presented by Embers Adrifts’ Community Manager Elloa, depicts the various features that players will be able to test, which includes character creation, early combat and more!

Embers Adrift has certainly come a long way. After rebranding the game from its original title, Saga of Lucimia, Stormhaven Studios has pushed through to include longer testing phases, they’ve dropped their NDA, and have now transitioned into the beta phase of their development cycle. Community manager Elloa begins the latest video with an acknowledgment and a show of gratitude to the testers who have gotten them up to this point.

"I want to personally thank all of our Alpha Testers. Without their hard work, without their testing, their loyalty, their trust, we would never have arrived at where we are today. So, if this game is in this state today, it’s thanks to our beautiful Alpha Tester Community."

-Elloa, Community Manager, Stormhaven Studios

Throughout the remainder of the video, Elloa walks through each facet of the beta that players will have access to. Here is a short list of items she talks about:

  • Character Creation
  • Specializations
  • Equipment and Abilities
  • Zones
  • Enemy Types
  • Harvesting and Crafting
  • Grouping and Social

You will definitely want to check out the entire video if you are looking for more information on the state of each feature in Embers Adrift. Currently, if you are interested in joining the beta test, you can do so by purchasing beta access, which will run you about 50 dollars USD. Currently, testing is only available Wednesday evenings, and throughout the weekend, so keep this in mind if you plan on playing.


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