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Embers Adrift Community Planning Welcome for New Players in This Weekend's Worldbreaker Stress Test

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 With Embers Adrift on the verge of opening up the servers for another huge Worldbreaker stress test soon, the community just may turn it into a little bit of a welcome party.

An official post from Community Manager Elloa is the start of potentially organizing just that, a friendly welcome and even help and guidance from those who are already more experienced with the game’s beta so far.

What’s the idea?

Crafters unite! Let’s create delicious consumables to offer our newcomers: potions, food, tea and ground torches. Especially ground torches.

We could also farm low level reagents

Let’s welcome the newcomers with a little care package and some information around the second camp in South Newhaven (Newhaven Valley) to not overcrowd the starting area but being close enough for new players to reach out after having tackled the basics by themselves.

There’s also a call for anyone who wants to volunteer to be a mentor and help out with questions, group with newbies, and essentially, show off the centrally-important grouping and interdependence they can expect if they decide to play when the game is out (or become a supporter now).

These kinds of mini-events can serve a community well, especially when a game is beginning, though this will be a stress test, so anyone participating will have to be aware that things could go wrong if the system doesn’t hold up. Yet, with calling these stress tests Worldbreaker, taking things to the limit isn’t out of the question. Also, there’s time to set up and make good use of the game’s Discord and LFG tools to regroup as needed.

Still, it might be a good step for the beta/supporter community to introduce others and let them know that there could be this same level of community presence there to help guide others at launch.

 For more, head over to Embers Adrift.


Christina Gonzalez

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