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Embers Adrift Announces More Details and Events, Including Key Giveaways, for June Free Weekend

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Embers Adrift recently announced a free weekend for June 2-4th, and Stormhaven Studios has shared some events, activities, and welcoming community-led efforts for upcoming event.

The last time there was an Embers Adrift free to play weekend, there were community efforts to offer to join up with new players, dev team working to introduce the game to those stepping into the game for the first time, and even donated items to help people get started.

Embers Adrift's free weekend events schedule will also feature a content creator marathon for the weekend. More details are coming, but there will be both streamers and devs scheduled to share. The content creators will also have keys and game time to give away throughout. At 1 PM CDT, there will even be a special announcement from the dev team, followed by a showcase of the newest content with the team and community streamers.

Dev discussion & special announcement with @Drindin (excecutive producer) @Morrolan (lead narrative designer) @Charlizd (world builder) and myself (twitch.tv/elloawendy)

The free period begins on Friday, June 2, at 12 PM CDT, and there will be a welcome party to kick things off at 12:30 PM CDT. Those interested in participating, can gather in the Circle Camp to welcome those trying the game and to supply them with some of those donated helpful items. While the official party will last a limited time, the community is encouraged to keep this welcome going and bring people back to the camp all weekend. The welcome party will be streamed as part of the streaming marathon as well. 

On Saturday, there will be a duel tournament. In a PvE game, a duel is a little different. In Embers Adrift, this is done with dice rolls. This recently-added feature will take center stage. Also on Saturday, there will be a monolith tour with groups setting out to show others the terrain and catch some monoliths. With the challenge, this is intended to be a mixed-level group event.

On Sunday, the usual weekly trade fair will also be open to those visiting for the free weekend. This will be another chance to meet others in the community, exchange goods or stories. Later, a Marauder invasion in Northreach is happening. This event will be a final big opportunity to show any new players what the community can do when they unite.


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