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Embers Adrift Adds Server Memory, and Preps for Final Content Patch of 2022

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 After launching last month, Embers Adrift has gotten some new content added, including a dungeon, and a number of fixes, and ongoing work towards future updates. This week’s update is mostly fixes, and this will hold with next week’s update too. Stormhaven Studios announced that there won’t be any new content updates until the new year.

We can expect another patch next week on December 13th, but that should be it until January except if any major issues need attention during the team’s holiday break. This week, they’ve continued working on increasing stability, since the memory leak issues that have been affecting Embers Adrift continue.

One change they’re making is doubling the server memory in order to cut down on the times the zones need to be restarted. The hardware upgrades should help with stability issues by extending the capacity.

Some changes with this week's update include new level 35 to 50 recipes, changes to level 25+ mobs, which now get a damage increase, some text and name corrections, and some fixes for chat bugs and other glitches. 

This week also brings a new overhaul to make it clearer that you respawn at hallows and not ember rings. They've decided to add thematically appropriate models like huts or trees that have lanterns on them that looks like the larger hallow to make it clear that only structures like this are your respawn points and not ember rings. 

Next week’s final update of 2022 will include some more technical updates, including 100% Emberdrift uptime fixes, some tweaks to rendering, the option to disable camera collision smoothing, and more. These are intended to improve the experience, which the team hopes will already have seen improvement with the new server memory.

For more on the update, next week’s last patch of 2022, and more, read the updates at Embers Adrift.


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